Course Structure

The course is made up of 13 modules, as detailed below:

Module 1
Technology systems
Develops knowledge and skills in the use of basic computer technology and internet systems / programs, used for searching for information, communicating and banking.
Module 2
Write complex documents
This module is designed to develop knowledge and skills to create basic workplace communication documents, e.g. reports, PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets, including APA referencing principles.

Module 3
Use targeted communication skills to build relationships
This module builds knowledge and skills in communication competence in the workplace. It offers opportunity for students to develop self-awareness of their communication competence.

Module 4
Address customer needs
This module is designed to develop knowledge and skills to apply best practice communication skills to customer interactions and develop self-awareness of communication behaviours and their influence on customer interactions.

Module 5
Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers
This module aids the development of knowledge and skills to communicate successfully with a culturally diverse workplace and with clients. The learning provides opportunities for students to develop the capacity to reflect on the application of their communication skills in achieving successful communication outcomes.

Module 6
Assess and provide services for clients with complex needs
This module will introduce students to the complex needs of members of the public and workplace. There is a specific focus on developing students' knowledge and skills for communicating with people who have disabilities or a mental illness.

Module 7
Work within a relevant legal and ethical framework
This module introduces students to legal and ethical principles that govern behaviour in the workplace. Its content includes reference to the respective legislation that governs the practices of employers and employees in contemporary workplaces.

Module 8
Maintain legal and ethical practices
This module builds on the content from Module 7, with a focus on the sustainability of best practice legal and ethical workplace practices. The module content introduces students to the appropriate governance bodies that are responsible for ensuring that individuals and organisations are not in breach of legal and ethical work practices.

Module 9
Manage personal stress in the workplace
This module will develop students' understanding of personal resilience. The module content is designed to develop a student's ability to recognise loss of resilience for themselves and others in the workplace. The strategies for building and maintaining resilience are a focus of the module, and avenues for assistance are included in the module resources.

Module 10
Show leadership in the workplace
This module aids the development of students' understanding of leadership and the qualities and attributes that define best practice leadership styles. The module focuses on building leadership capacity through self-reflection on students' actions in this area.

Module 11
Implement and monitor work health and safety policies, procedures and programs to meet legislative requirements
In this module students will be introduced to the Work Health and Safety governance policies and protocols in the workplace for the benefit of employees and employers. The module learning focuses on developing the students' knowledge of their responsibilities in this area and the skill to recognise when breaches of work health and safety policies and procedures occur.

Module 12
Undertake project work
During this module, students will build knowledge and skills to plan, implement, monitor and review a workplace project. The practice-based learning activities within the module offer opportunity for students to apply their understanding of project management to scope, plan, resource, budget, monitor and review a project. A key learning outcome of this module is to develop time management skills

Module 13
Apply safe car driver behaviour
This module is focused on building students' knowledge to drive safely and recognise poor driving behaviour. A core element of the learning within the module is centred on the applicable legislative regulations for safe car driving.

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