Accelerated Prosecutors Recruitment Program

Police Prosecuting - An intelligent career choice

Do you have a law degree? Are you intrigued by criminal cases? Interested in justice? Keen to develop excellent advocacy skills? Then police prosecuting is the career you are looking for.

NSW Police Prosecutors are responsible for prosecuting matters on behalf of the NSW Police Force as well as other government agencies in Local Courts, Children's Courts and the Coroner's Courts in over 150 locations across the State. Police prosecutors are responsible for prosecuting 95% of all criminal cases in this State.Police prosecuting is a career where you will make a real difference in your community.


Prior to 2008, law graduates were not able to become police prosecutors without first spending at least 3 years performing other policing duties. Under this initiative, the Accelerated Prosecutors Recruitment Program (APRP), the NSW Police Force recruits law graduates and fast tracks them into prosecuting. You must have completed a law course that enables you to become a solicitor in Australia.

This new program involves completing an Associate Degree in Policing Practice (ADPP) as well as some time performing and gaining an insight into general policing duties.

The new fast tracked career path for prosecutors with law degrees consists of five stages.

Application Stage


Applications open: 8am Tuesday, 13 June, 2017

Applications close: 9am Monday, 26 June, 2017

Interviews will be conducted from the 10 July 2017 (Please note this is the second week of NSW School holidays).

Essential Criteria

Becoming a Prosecutor for New South Wales Police involves meeting the eligibility requirements for admission as a solicitor.

  • Applicants must have completed a law course from a University law school approved by the Law Society of NSW or the Legal Profession Admission Board’s Diploma in Law.
  • Applicants who reasonably expect to complete their law course prior to 1 July, 2017 may apply (by providing a current Academic Transcript) and may be eligible for interview. However, if they proceed to interview and are assessed as suitable they will not be offered a position in the program unless an academic transcript showing successful completion of the course is provided prior to 3pm on the 11 August, 2017.
  • A Practising Certificate is not mandatory for this application but you must include a fully completed Academic Transcript of your law degree with the application.
  • Knowledge of criminal law, rules of evidence and court procedures.
  • At least 12 months offence free on your driving licence traffic record.

Desirable Criteria

  • Recent experience in presenting Criminal and/or Civil matters before a Court.
  • Demonstrated experience in communicating effectively with other court officers, Magistrate, prosecution and defence representatives, court staff.
  • Demonstrated experience conferencing and managing witnesses, conducting evidence in chief and cross examination of witnesses..

Contact Person: Sgt Ken Schneiders
Ph: 88356734

To apply for the program, you must submit the following documents:

  • Resume with contact details including home and email address and telephone numbers
  • Academic transcript (on official institution document). Applicants who complete their course prior to 1 July, 2017 will need to provide a current transcript at the time of application, as well a transcript once they have completed their course. See note above in relation to eligibility in ‘Essential Criteria’.
  • Roads & Maritime Services certified traffic record (this document remains valid for six months from receipt from RMS  to use for your Police Application if selected for APRP program).

Send to email address:

IMPORTANT: To ensure your application is received in the timeframes set out, applicants should make contact with Sgt Schneiders after submission of the application.

Those applicants who are successful in proceeding to the interview round will be advised of the interview procedure.

NSW Police Force Recruitment – Specific requirements to be noted before submitting APRP application:

  1. Applicants will be required to provide a certified copy of their traffic record from the Roads & Maritime Services with their resume and Academic Transcript.
  2. Applicants must note the NSW Police Force policy on body art/tattoos. Applicants who don’t comply with this policy will not be considered.
  3. Police recruitment requires a high standard of physical fitness e.g. with the hand grip you must be able to pull a total of 35 kilos on each hand on the Dynamometer. Further information and videos can be accessed on the NSW Police Recruitment website.

“Any form of body art or modification that is on the face, scalp, ears, neck or hands of an employee or police recruit is prohibited under this Policy. Regard will be given to cultural and/or religious issues where appropriate in accordance with Anti-Discrimination legislation.”

Please Note: If you are successful for a position on this program and you are sworn in as a Probationary Constable, you will be an operational police officer in General Duties for up to 2 years before transferring to Police Prosecutions.

Contact Details

To enquire about the Accelerated Prosecutor Recruitment Program please contact - Sergeant Ken Schneiders

Ph: (02) 88356734     Email:


It is now a requirement for entry to the NSWPF that applicants have completed the UCWE course before they lodge their Police application. This course takes 12 weeks to complete (part time). Applicants who are selected will be encouraged to enrol in a UCWE course as soon as possible after being notified of their selection. Some applicants may wish to enrol in a UCWE course prior to being selected, however please note the NSWPF does not reimburse any costs involved in enrolling in this course.

For the next UCWE enrolment dates and applications in 2017 please contact Charles Sturt University Admissions Centre on:  1800 334 733

UCWE courses are in May 2017 and August 2017

Cost: $1500.00

Stage 1

A 14 week (Full Time On Campus – Admission course code KPOL) Associate Degree of Police Practice course (Constable Education Program). This session introduces you to the fundamentals of policing, including law and police procedure. At the completion of stage one you are required to complete a two week field placement at a police station.

There is a Mixed Mode – Distance Education course available (Admission course code EPOL) which means the ADPP Session 1 is conducted over 32 weeks but the Session 2 is full time on campus for 14 weeks.

Stage 2

PLEASE NOTE: You must pass a physical fitness test before starting this session.

A further 14 week (Full Time On Campus) at the NSW Police Academy, Goulburn. During this session students are introduced to the practical aspects of policing, while continuing law and procedure studies. It also includes driver training, weapons and tactics training.

IMPORTANT: During sessions 1 and 2 of the ADPP you are not paid any income, however there is provision for a small scholarship to pay for your room and board at the Police Academy.

Towards the end of session 2 at the NSW Police Academy, you must satisfy the requirements of the physical fitness test - otherwise you may not attest as a NSW Police Officer.

Please note: The full training period is 28 weeks (full time on campus) or 46 weeks approx. (Mixed mode Distance Education).

Stage 3

At the completion of Stage 2 recruits are attested into the NSW Police Force as a probationary constable and start receiving a wage.

Please note: Each APRP probationary constable signs an offer of employment which includes a clause that requires them to complete the full Accelerated Prosecutor Recruitment program. There is no option to start the APRP and leave the program to remain on operational duties.

The probationary constable completes Sessions 3-5 of the ADPP whilst undergoing a 12 month probation period performing general duties at a police station.

Please note: There are no exemptions or waivers from the Associated Degree in Policing Practice. All APRP officers must complete the full requirements of the ADPP.

Stage 4

Once the APRP probationary constable is confirmed as a constable, they are eligible to transfer to Police Prosecutions when a position is available (possible wait time up to 12 months and only when a trainee police prosecutor position is available).


Up Front Payment - $12,352 (Can be paid separately for each of 5 sessions)

Deferred Payment - $15,440 (fee help incurs 25% loading)


Probationary Constable - $68,353

Constable - $70,934


Trainee Prosecutor - $1183.00 p.a. + $70,934 (Allowance + normal pay after 6 months as trainee)

Prosecutor Payscale awarded upon completion of prosecutor training and designation as police prosecutor

Police Prosecutor (1st year) - $85,256

Police Allowance for holding tertiary qualification - $792 p.a.


As the Accelerated Prosecutor Recruit completes session 1B of distance education in the Associate Degree of Policing Practice, they are required to do placement at a NSW police station for 80 hours over a period of 4 weeks.




When you attest as a Probationary Constable, you will be required to work in the Sydney Metropolitan Area.

There may be an opportunity, once you transfer to Police Prosecutions, to apply for a position in a regional area of NSW if one is advertised.


Once you have transferred to Police Prosecutions and appointed as a Trainee Police Prosecutor, you may be rostered to attend the Parramatta Bail Court on a Saturday or Sunday during the year. Generally this will only be required of you for three times per year. There will be opportunities to volunteer for public holiday bail courts that attract the higher penalty rates applicable to those days.


Once an APRP student attests as a Probationary Constable from the Police Academy Goulburn, they will commence duty at their Local Area Command and continue their studies of the ADPP.

Once confirmed in the rank of Constable, the APRP officer will be offered a position in Police Prosecutions when a vacancy arises (this could be up to 12 months after confirmation as a Constable).


The Accelerated Prosecutor Recruitment Program officer is required to complete all elements of the Associated Degree of Policing Practice during sessions 3 – 5.

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